I am a strong believer that research is not solely interesting to academics. As such, I spearheaded the HealthBuild2022 conference, in which experts in the field share their insights and stimulate change to improve the quality of the environment we spend so much time in. Furthermore, I was the proud organizer of the SBE Science Slam, in which young aspiring researchers present their research in a fun and relaxed off-campus setting to an unknowledgeable audience. Lastly, I am engaged in defining and mapping the social domain of real estate ESG, putting knowledge into practice.

Defining the 'Social' in Real Estate ESG

A well-defined and carefully implemented ESG strategy is of critical importance for both the current and future performance of real estate investors. Contrasting the “E” (Environmental) in ESG, the “S” (Social) domain is less tangible, and there are significant opportunities for real estate investors to distinguish themselves in this area. In cooperation with one of the largest US real estate investors, I provided a first step towards the definition and prioritization of social KPI’s in the real estate sector.



As the organiser of the first edition of HealthBuild2022, I spearheaded the international conference aimed to connect industry, policy, and research on the impact of buildings on their occupants. We succeeded with 100+ attendees, 25+ international speakers, and many great connections made.

Speakers included keynotes by Harvard Business School and WELL institute.

While we shape our buildings, our buildings in turn shape us: the indoor environment in which we work, learn, play and live affect our health, productivity, and wellbeing. HealthBuild 2022 will bring together Europe’s experts on this issue, providing a fertile mix of academic knowledge and industry experience.

PhD Science Slam 

The PhD Science Slam aims to strengthen the connection between academia and the outside world, and provides future academics with a platform in which they are confronted with an unknowledgeable audience. Presenters train their presentation skills in a popular and accessible way, ensuring optimal dissemination of their own valuable research.

After my appointment as head, responsible for further development and organization, the Science Slam has doubled in size and tripled in budget. Before COVID-19, we hosted 4 presenters per Slam, for a growing audience of currently around 100 guests.

Working with the approval of the SBE Dean, GSBE Director, and UM rector, the current aim is to extend the dissemination of knowledge by including different faculties.